From Likes to Sales: Is it Influencer Marketing or Influencer Magic?

The buzzzz around Influencer Marketing is real, ladies and gentlemen!

With close to 692 million internet users in India, big and small brands are collaborating with influencers to promote their products and services. But why is that happening, you may ask? Why are brands like Nykaa and Myntra collaborating and spending a major chunk of their marketing budgets on influencers when they can do other ATL and BTL marketing activities instead? It’s because these collaborations help brands tap into the loyal following of these influencers.

Various studies have shown that influencer marketing can lead to an approximate 325% increase in engagement rates and a 50% higher conversion rate compared to other traditional marketing methods. Influencers have taken the time and painstaking effort to connect with their audiences on such a personal level that when an influencer recommends a product to them, it comes across as a genuine recommendation from a friend. This has proven to increase sales and bring in new customers for the brands. How many times have you seen Malvika Sitlani talk about the top 5 lipsticks that are her all-time favourites or Ashi Khanna do an H&M haul and then order products from these brands? It’s also through unsponsored content like this that audiences feel connected to the influencers and consider their suggestions and comments seriously.

Two such prime examples of large-scale marco-influencer marketing are Myntra’s collaboration with Kiara Advani and Nykaa’s collaboration with Jahnvi Kapoor. The pan-India success of both of these campaigns featuring modern-day influencers that have become household names is further proof of the power of influencer marketing in India.

So, make sure you add influencer marketing to your next marketing strategy and plan! There are many platforms now that have a sizable database of micro, macro, city-wide, nation-wide, and industry-specific influencers. By collaborating with these influencers, who have a trustworthy reputation, you can effectively reach your target audience and drive sales. Be it a gym, a restaurant, or a new clothing brand, influencer marketing can help you build strong relationships with the influencer’s audience and ensure new customers for your business.

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