How to leverage AMAs for your hospital or clinic?

For those of you who don’t know what an AMA is, it’s Ask Me Anything.  An AMA usually involves a subject matter expert answering question by digital people. 

In your case, it’s doctors from a specific specialty answering questions pertaining to their expertise.

You can use an AMA session, especially the video sessions, to help you with your SEO.

How? Simply transcribe your AMA session and upload it as a blog page on your website. You can upload the video too for people you prefer this format. 

Don’t forget to to hyperlink keywords to various pages of your website or to other websites with relevant information. 

One more thing!

Questions which were asked multiples times on the AMA should be formatted into an FAQ section on the same page. This will help users find answer without going through your entire transcript and also help you rank faster

How do you host an AMA? there are 100s of articles online for more details on this.

I’l give you the gist of it.

Pick between a live video ,Insta or FB or text-based AMA, Twitter or reddit

Make a post or two detailing the Subject matter expert and the date and time of your AMA

Go live on your platform of choice at the given time 

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