Is Content Writing the ‘Write’ Choice for You?

In the digital era that we live in, content is king. From the TV ads that your grandma still watches to the nail biting thrillers or heartwarming rom-coms you binge watch on Netflix to the iPhone ads you see in the newspaper, there’s content everywhere! And with this, there’s also an increase in demand for quality content. From websites to social media and other online platforms like Netflix, content fuels everything we hear, see, and consume around us. And it takes no genius to figure what this has led to – a sky-rocketing increase in the demand for content writers! Now does this mean that content writing is just a way to earn a quick buck every now and then, or is it a sustainable career option that can take you to new heights in the content world?

In the post-COVID era, when everyone has been working from home or Starbucks or co-working spaces, content writing offers a flexible work environment. Content writers can make their own work hours and choose whether to work from a cosy corner in their home or from a beach lounger in Goa. (I have friends who are doing that!) And this can essentially make content writing an excellent source of passive income, especially for those who have other commitments or responsibilities, be they stay-at-home moms or people working 9-to-5 jobs. Have a few hours free on a Sunday evening, or the kids are finally at school and you have some peace and quiet? There are innumerable apps that allow freelancers to choose their clients and projects, set their rates, and work according to their schedule.

But if you have a way with words, are good at wordplay, and are passionate about writing, then congratulations, my friend. I’m happy to inform you that it is also a sustainable career option. Content writers, at this age and time, have ample opportunities to secure full-time jobs to establish a stable income source. (Look at me, an ex-lawyer, now a full time copy and content writer!) It was a no-brainer for me when it came down to choosing between drafting boring petitions and pleas (yawn) versus writing emotional video scripts and quirky website content. In my personal experience, content writing is an excellent way for writers to showcase their creativity and establish themselves as experts in their niche across various industries.

Now after all this chit chat, I know you want me to come to the point! So here it is: content writing is definitely the ‘write’ choice for you if you like to write and express your thoughts through words. Whether it’s better off as a source of passive income or a full-fledged career option depends on your other commitments, your passion for writing, and the time you have on your hands!

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