Should real estate companies do SEO for their projects?

Well it depends!

It depends on the size of your project, the stage of your project and the velocity of sales that you are trying to achieve.

The search results for real estate are dominated by listing sites. From Zillow to 99 acres, their business model is to rank for the searches related to your project location and monetize the leads by selling them to you.

Listing sites spend huge sums of money to ensure that they are ranking in the top 3 of the search engine results page (SERP)

Can you beat these  sites at their own game! 

Yes you can! But don’t do it. 

SEO does not make sense for 100-300 unit projects.

If your website or landing page is new or if you have not been paying attention to your SEO previously,  it will take months for you tor rank on page 1. The time money an effort this takes is better spent on running search and discovery or performance ads on Google.

However, if you have large project and are launching several over the next few years, you should definitely be doing SEO. 

It’s quite easy, but if you are having a hard time, email me at

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