Stop Scrolling, Start LOL-ing : The Motto of Moment Marketing

How do you know that RRR won the Oscar for Naatu Naatu, that Blinkit delivers orders in 10 minutes, or that Pique cheated on THE Shakira? Pfff, not through the newspaper, of course. It’s because of this 21st century, highly complex social media phenomenon called…wait for it… Moment Marketing! Moment marketing is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need! (And that, kids, is how I Made A Moment Marketing Reference)

Moment marketing is a trending technique that helps brands use current events and pop culture to create content that users can engage with and relate to. Let me paint a picture for you, so get your imagination juices flowing! It can get dramatic, so bear with me!

You’re in bed at 2 a.m., scrolling through Instagram, wondering why you’re not asleep yet!

It’s all the same things you see every day—the make-up reels, the shopping hauls, all your friends dating or getting married!

You’re liking posts and reels on auto-pilot, still holding a shimmer of hope for something, anything to catch your attention so you can share it with your friends. (I’m pretty sure they’re all bored of the same things you keep sharing.)

And eureka, there it is!

You see, she’s a 10, but she sleeps for just 3 hours and drinks 5 cups of iced coffee the next day.’

You chuckle to yourself (hehehe) and think of two things:  ‘Hey, that’s me!’ and hit the like button; maybe even drop a comment or “Hey! I know someone who does that!’ and then proceed to share it with your friends or co-workers!

Congratulations! You’ve just experienced the social phenomenon that is moment marketing. One of the benefits of moment marketing is that it is a great way to inject some humour into your content (like we just did), making it either more engaging or more relatable. Momentum marketing is like fast fashion; it can tend to get very old very fast. And in today’s fast-paced digital era, where attention spans are shorter than ever and competition for attention is fiercer than ever, clicking with your audience at the right time and in any way you can is more important than the next breath you take. (I warned you about the drama quotient.)

So go ahead, make that viral reference and throw in a joke or two; your audience will thank you for it, and you will thank us for it!

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