Story-telling: A magic wand of the present time

Remember the last time you heard of a product and excitingly not only searched about it, but also brought it? And now, you not only you know the brand but also root highly for it.

What was that one deciding factor/element that made you do that? Possibly the design, the benefits, etc, but I am asking what made you even pause and look at it, or even search for it?

Wasn’t that storytelling told to you?

Storytelling always existed. Tales and narratives were used orally to either vouch for or describe something. 

I say that this storytelling is such an important ingredient in marketing content for a brand that brings in all the change.

But how to implement storytelling that will help your audience to pause, break and spend time with your brand? I say start to think about – what makes a great story. Isn’t it the characters, the conflict, and the resolution? 

Stories shape you – It helps form perception and attitudes. Try thinking about a brand, now imagine it is in human form. So, how are you going to describe it? Storytelling is just that. It gives a personification. Think about the last book you read, that made you look for the author; the last snack you had, that made you know more about the brand, or the last movie someone described you. Weren’t you completely absorbed in it? Didn’t the time slow down as if you were really there? And after googling and knowing all about it, weren’t you surprised how you landed yourself in it

That my friend is the tool you can use for enriching your power when you want to market your brand… Storytelling has the power to influence and motivate individuals into taking action.  It is the magic wand of the present times. Just the correct proportion of it and it’s ready to make your audience intrigue or dwell deeply, just how you want them to perceive it.

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