Don’t be an awkward Networker: LinkedIn Brand intros

Hello, fellow copywriters! How often do you think, “How do I introduce this brand to LinkedIn?”. Well, let’s dive into some tips to help create a brand introduction that will make your audience look your way.

  1. Hook the readers: The first sentence in your introductory statement is very critical. It should be a line that hooks your audience right away. You could use something thought-provoking or attention-grabbing, like a question or some statistical data. This hook should help capture the readers’ attention and emphasize the importance of your brand.
  2. Keep it short: LinkedIn is made up of a community of fast-paced people who usually won’t read long paragraphs about your brand. So, when you are introducing your brand, you need to keep it short, sweet, and simple. You can do this by highlighting your unique selling proposition and mentioning why your brand is worth following. Don’t detail too much because you want to pique your audience’s curiosity and not overwhelm them.
  3. Inject some humor: Yes, yes, LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals, but that does not mean that you’ve got to be boring on it. You can inject some humor into your introduction and see how your brand stands out. When people smile while reading your posts, they tend to come back to read them.
  4. Use visuals: Visuals are a fantastic way to grab attention and make your brand introduction engaging. You could add a picture of your team, or even better, you could add infographics that reflect your brand’s vision and mission. Visuals help create a lasting impression on your brand.
  5. CTA: A call-to-action is very essential. At the end of the introduction to your brand, you should add a CTA. This encourages your audience to take action. Depending on the CTA, your audience may take actions such as following the company page, visiting your website, or contacting you directly. Just make sure that your CTA is clear and completely aligned with your brand’s goals.

That’s it for this time. With these tips, your brand is sure to stand out on the professional networking site, LinkedIn. Now go and capture the attention of some potential customers on LinkedIn!

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